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Tree Disease Maintenance

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Ensure the health of your trees with our targeted Tree Disease Maintenance program, addressing specific issues such as Apple Scab, Needle Cast, and Diplodia.

  • Disease: Apple Scab
    • Treatments: 1-3
    • Information: Fungicide treatments effectively combat Apple Scab. Once initiated, visits occur approximately every 14-21 days.
  • Disease: Needle Cast
    • Treatments: 1-3
    • Information: Combat Needle Cast with our specialized fungicide treatments, scheduled approximately every 21-28 days.
  • Disease: Diplodia
    • Treatments: 1-3
    • Information: Address Diplodia with our proven fungicide treatments, scheduled approximately every 10-30 days.


Tree Injections

For targeted insect or disease treatments, our Tree Injections offer versatile solutions.

  • Treatments: 1-6 (varies based on specific needs)



Our comprehensive Tree Care Program spans seven expertly crafted and seasonally scheduled applications. Our trained applicators assess your tree types and potential problems, offering tailored solutions.


  • March to April: Spring Oil – Dormant oil for insect egg control
  • March to May: Spring Feeding – Root zone fertilization
  • April to May: Insect/Disease Control – Targets spring diseases and insects


  • May to August: Insect/Disease Control – Addresses early summer diseases and insects


  • September to October: Insect/Disease Control – Manages summer/fall insects
  • September to October: Fall Feeding – Root zone fertilization
  • August to October: Fall Oil – Provides protection against overwintering insects

Trust Pure Green Lawn and Tree Professionals for a specialized, seasonally adjusted approach to tree health that enhances the well-being of your yard year-round.

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