What if it rains after my application?

Wait 10 days to see if the weeds die or begin to curl, if not call our office and we will re-treat your lawn at no cost.

When can I mow after the application?

Its best to wait 24 hours after your application to mow.

What height should I cut my lawn?

Recommended Minimum mowing height should be 3″ , Use a measuring tape and measure from bottom of mower blade to garage floor to confirm mowing height.

How many treatments does my lawn need?

Contact Pure Green Lawn & Tree Professionals, one of our certified lawn experts will meet with you on your property to evaluate your lawns needs and help you find the program that fits best.

Moles = Grubs

Although moles will eat grubs, most often they are feeding on earth worms so treating for grubs will not solve the problem. Mole baiting or trapping may be necessary.

My lawn was treated and weeds did not die?

Systemic weed controls take 7-10 days to work, if still looking alive and healthy after 14 days please call the office and request a free service call for re-treatment.

How long after the application can my kids or pets use the lawn?

It is ok to use your lawn as normal after application is dry. Normally this is 2-4 hours.