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Good morning,


Well, the tree is still standing, so it appears Matt and Ward did a good job.


As a follow up to our conversation yesterday after they completed the pruning and clean up we want to provide something that, if Pure Green Smith & Landscape still has written records, can go into Matt's and Ward's written record.  Or if electronic records then this message hopefully can be copied to each of their file.


As I mentioned yesterday, Matt and Ward arrived at the time you stated in the voice message you left on Tuesday.  They are professional yet very personable and were patient with my questions and requests.  They fully provided me with information and advice.  They were careful with not only our property but also that of the neighbors, who had given a waiver for the use of their driveway.  And, last but certainly not least, they obviously have a lot of experience and expertise to accomplish the work.


Both Matt and Ward are excellent representatives for Pure Green Smith Tree & Landscape (Smith Tree).  We certainly hope that they are available for any future work for which we wish to use the services of Smith Tree.


And, not to be forgotten, we wish to thank Jeff for providing the estimate and pruning plan.  He was also very personable and easy to work with, providing information and advice when he was here surveying the trees to provide his recommendations.  There will be no hesitation on our part to have him out again for any future work, which I am sure will happen since trees like to grow.


And, finally, we wish to thank you, Joe, for your assistance and patience during the time we had to wait due to the schedule on our end.


All of you provided a very satisfying, professional, and enjoyable experience working with Smith Tree.


All of you have a great weekend.


- Fred 


March 2019