Source: How to Make an Onion Grill Cleaner A disgusting grill top is something no cook ever wants to encounter. Leave your outdoor grill neat and clean using this one simple trick. As an added bonus, this nifty idea will not only clean your grill but also season it! Steps 1. Cut onion in half. You will

How to Grow Lilacs

How to Grow Lilacs Imagine inhaling the deep, mysterious scent of lilacs wafting through your screen on a warm summer’s evening. Lilacs aren’t difficult to grow if you give them plenty of water and plant them in full sun. There are over 100 species of lilacs, all of which grow as bushes or trees and
Stuffing and Grilling a Whole Fish   1. Get a whole, fresh fish from your local market or grocery store. Look for shiny scales, clear eyes and bright red gills. The fisherman among us, or those who don’t mind a little extra work, might enjoy cleaning, gutting and scaling the fish themselves. The rest of us
Source: How to Seal Wood Scratches With a Walnut Nasty scratch on your furniture? Well you can treat it by using… a walnut! Yes, that’s right, a walnut. This article will show you how to use this clever little snack to do more than just bust cholesterol! Steps 1. Rub the walnut in. Begin by rubbing the